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Book, Music and Lyrics  by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey
Produced by Kenneth Waissman & Maxine Fox
Directed by Tom Moore
Choreography by Patricia Birch
Opened  February 14, 1972 at the Eden Theatre Off - Broadway, (New York) and ran for 3388 performances.
Movie 1978


Grease brings back the teen-age life style of the 1950's The boys wear short hair swept back into elaborate greasy coifs called the D.A. or ducktail. They sport motorcycle jackets, pegged pants, turned up shirt collars and T-shirts with cigarette packs secured in rolled up sleeves. The girls wear beehive hairdos complete with hair clips. They chew gum and wear boys' windbreakers with their names sewn on. They pierce their ears, wear pedal pushers, spongy white bobby socks, cinch belts, long felt skirts and crinolines.

The plot concerns Danny, a member of the "Burger Palace Boys" a greaser gang at mythical Rydell High, and Sandy a sweet innocent who has just transfered there from the cloistered confines of Immaculata High.

Having met at the beach, they fall in love immediately. But, as we used to sing in 1956, they live in "two different worlds" So when Danny finally decides not to live up to her image of him as an All-American-Boy track star, she puts on tight jeans and a bouffant hairdo, joins the "Pink Ladies" gang, starts French-inhaling "Hit Parade" cigarettes and (naturally) gets her man.

Grease Parodies the 50's, yet it is ageless. Anyone who had a childhood, went to High School, once faked an ID card to buy beer, or cruised the drive-in circuit in an old custom car, will immediately empathize.

Orig. Broadway Cast

Soundtrack 1

Broadway Revival 1

London Recording

Soundtrack 2

Broadway Revival 2


Song List


  • Rydell Alma Mater
  • Rydell Alma Mater (Parody) 
  • Summer Nights
  • Those Magic Changes
  • Crossover Into Greased Lightnin'
  • Greased Lightnin'
  • Rizzo's Entrance and Chaser (Instrumental)
  • Rydell's Flight Song
  • Mooning
  • Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee 
  • We Go Together


  • Shakin At The High School Hop
  • Freddy My Love
  • It's Raining On Prom Night
  • Into High School Hop (Scene Change #3)
  • High School Hop (Underscore)
  • Miss Lynch's Entrance
  • Vince Fontaine's Entrance
  • Born To Hand-Jive 
  • Crossover Out Of High School Hop
  • Beauty School Dropout
  • Beauty School Dropout (Reprise)
  • Into Alone At The Drive-In Movie (Scene Change #4)
  • Alone At The Drive-In Movie
  • Rock `N' Roll Party Queen
  • There Are Worse Things I Could Do
  • Look At Me, I'm Sandra Dee (reprise)
  • Out Of Sandra Dee (Scene Change #5)
  • All Choked Up
  • We Go Together
  • Crossover
  • Finale
  • Bows and Exit Music
  • House Exit Music


  • Grease
  • Hopelessly Devoted To You
  • Sandy
  • You're The One That I Want
  • Blue Moon 
  • Hound Dog
  • Tears On My Pillow
  • Rock 'N' Roll Is Here To Stay
  • Love Is A Many Spendored Thing
  • Grease (Reprise)

New Broadway Cast

  • Since I Don't Have You
  • Grease Megamix


Original Cast included Adrienne Barbeau, Barry Bostwick, Carole Demas & Timothy Meyers.

The Musical was nominated for 9 Tony Awards in 1972 and 5 nominations in 1994 for the Revival of Grease. The Movie was Nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards and Nominated for one Academy Award. 

This show turned out to be a surprise hit - originally opened off-broadway and then moved to the Broadhurst Theatre and then to the Royale where it remained until April 13, 1980. The show had a record run until it was taken over by A Chorus Line.


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