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Richard Skipper kept Dody's Memorial evening of song, prayer, laughter and reminisces, moving swiftly with ease and love.

Mitch Douglas - saw Dody in "Once upon a Mattress" and produced her in "Nunsense".

Joan Adams - Dody's neice by marrying into Dody's family. She remembered a lot of fun times at many Christmases with Dody. They became very close family members for the past many years.

Barry Lloyd - spoke of Murray Grand, who wrote "I'd Rather Cha Cha Than Eat" and then Barry sang it. He also sang "Love at an Auction".

Peter Kerlin - Dody's great nephew who helped Dody with her career and with "Women Women Women!" reels. He remembered Dody at his Grandma's funeral (who was Dody's sister, Rose) and he was young and wondering why she had so much black mascara on her eyes at a funeral. But she was a celebrity and when she cried her mascara ran.

Terri White - was in "Nunsense" and "Nuncrackers" with Dody and she once drove Dody from Detroit to NYC for 19 hours. She said that Dody only slept for 20 minutes out of the entire drive.

Linda Amiel Burns - Linda is family to Dody by marriage; Joan Adams is her cousin. Linda invited Dody to do a program for the N.Y. Sheet Music Society. Dody was a graduate of Linda's Singing Experience workshop as well.

Richard Granger - When Dody was a dancer, early in her career, he remembers she dressed in a dry cleaner bag. And that Dody got her dog to be in 'Wonderful Town' and opened a bank account for the dog.

Lee Roy Reams - sang "No Tune Like a Show Tune" from "Parade". He told everyone how Dody got her cat, Nicholas: Lee Roy, Bob and Dody were in Connecticut for Christmas and a kitten jumped in the car. They asked around the area and no one wanted the kitten. They decided the next day they could take it to the Meow Club. When time came to go there, Dody said, "Just give it to me, I'll take it" and she named the cat. St. Nicholas, since it was found near Christmas. Lee Roy remembered Dody telling him she was married once but the man liked too many martinis so she got rid of him. Then she met another man and he liked too many martinis and Dody decided to give up on men. Next, Lee Roy sang "You're My Best Girl".

Lin Tucci - was in the first national tour of "Nunsense" for 2 years with Dody and then did it Off-Broadway together. Enjoyed many humorous times with Dody during the run of the show. "Who wouldn't?", she said.

KT Sullivan - sang two songs Dody used to sing: "That is the End of the News" and "The Oyster Song".

Jeff Wolper - gave Dody a ride to many events and parties and even to the Tony Awards when she was in her 90's. At his house warming in 2001, Dody sang "The Oyster Song". At Joe Allen's restaurant he and Dody pointed out the poster for "Miss Moffat" starring Bette Davis and Dody Goodman. (all the posters hanging in this restaurant are of flops!) He was very happy when Dody bought the two of them tickets to see 'Spamalot' on Broadway recently.

There was a nice letter to Jamie DeRoy from Didi Conn, of 'Grease' who said:

I just had to write to tell you how moved I was by all the love and long lasting friendships that Dody had throughout her life. There were so many hilarious stories and events and performances that I had no idea about- I had to leave before the reception due to a friend who offered me a car ride back to Rockland. Please send my love to Dody's family and thank you so much for inviting me into her circle of love. It was a privilege that I really appreciate!
with lots of love,

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