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Dody Goodman Sings? She sure does! We were a bit leery when we managed to attain this recording of Dody's circa 1957 LP and were surprisingly and pleasantly very entertained. Now you can be too! Grin as Dody dottily croons about the charm of April In Fairbanks and the beauty of Tranquilizers (our favorite). A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away we happened to see Jackie Curtis and Holly Woodlawn's cabaret show in which they performed April In Fairbanks and we thought it was an original. We we're guessing it was debuted by Dody but have been informed that it was originally performed by Jane Connell in the Broadway revue, "New Faces of 1956". Still leave it to Misses Curtis, Woodlawn and Dody Goodman to cover the zany tune! Vinyl before transfer was VG++. Beautifully audio cleaned. 11 tracks in glorious Mono. From Peter Kwaloff, The Colorful, Entertaining Site of Musician/Artist Sun PK.
Hear a few samples of the 11-track album by clicking the speaker.
April In Fairbanks2:24
Today Will Be Yesterday1:49
Glad Rag Doll2:26
I'm The Girl Next Door 3:04
Tired Blood 2:33
Jewel Song3:52
Pneumatic Drill2:08
I always Say Hello2:55
I'd Rather Cha-Cha Than Eat2:42



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