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Memorial Memories

October 27, 2008

A memorial Service was held for Dody on October 27, 2008. Joan Adams, Richard Skipper and Lee Roy Reams made sure the Memorial to Dody showed much appreciation to having known Dody in their lives. Joan made sure that everyone who signed Dody's guestbook on this website was invited to the Memorial. They remembered Dody's Christian Science and had Bible readings read at the Memorial. The time they took to ensure all speakers were involved was enormous. For Mike Broad and Glen Charlow to hand out programs, it let them see just how many people loved Dody to have wanted to be at her Memorial. We would guess about 150 people were there. The showing of Dody's film "Women, Women Women!" was very funny, while we were all surrounded by large blow-up photos of Dody in the church. Glen did wonderful work on the Memorial Program showing Dody's career, her love of writing, and her loyalty to Animal Organizations; and Dan Sherman prepared the beautiful large photos of Dody that were set out at the front of the Church. Dan presented and ran the equipment for Dody's movie. The reception was lovely, with wonderful people and food. Many others, including Chris Alexander who sent beautiful large flowers, helped to make Dody's Memorial a special night for all of us who loved her. Here is a separate page of individual Memorial Memories.

This is the BACK & FRONT of the memorial program handed to everyone that night. You can view the pages of the entire program HERE, or download a copy of this Memorial Program for yourself HERE.

Here are pictures of people who were a part of the program and/or got up to say something about Dody.

Richard Skipper
Joan Adams

KT Sullivan
Lee Roy Reams

Mitch Douglas
Terri White

Linda Burns
Barry Lloyd

Lin Tucci
Richard Grainger

Peter Kerlin
Jeff Wolper

Madeleine Droher

And then there were the people who either performed or just mingled with others and had a good time reminiscing about Dody and posing for the camera.

Barry Lloyd

Glen Charlow, Joan Adams
KT Sulivan performing

Lee Roy Reams performed
Lin and Dick Kelly

Mike Broad, Joan and Richard
Richard & KT

Baby Jane Dexter
Opening screen of DVD

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